TTFFO Studios

My recording company TTFFO Studios LLC offers remote recording services in the Treasure Coast area (and beyond) of Florida. In the twenty years since it premiered in Denver, CO, fifteen commercially-released CDs and download/streaming albums, two short film soundtracks and a number of independent audio projects have been recorded there. Artists include Jenna Laurise, Cullin KinMaree Mcrae, Potcheen, MeeganElana Rogers, Cara Cantarella, and Pairadeux. The short films included The Here Between.

The studio is Mac-based. Software includes Logic Pro, Toontrack's Superior Drummer and Sonoma Wireworks Drumcore, and several pitch correction packages. Hardware includes a Focusrite audio interface, Mojave Audio and Oktava large diaphragm, and Shure, Audio Technica and Joe Meek small diaphragm mics. I've been told that I know what I'm doing, have excellent musical feel, arrangement and texture chops, and a good ear for the little errors (and the correction of same) that nobody will admit they make from time to time. ;) Clients also appreciate my assistance on guitar, bass or ukulele for when they need a little session help.

I've worked on a number of long-distance projects as well, and thus am well-versed in file and data transfer to national and international destinations. And as far as file formats, high speed data transfer, backups, CD Text, Gracenote database and other techie detail stuff, I do well because I'm a bit of a geek ;)

I currently take only projects that I feel will best benefit from my core skills and particular physical and equipment layout. But all potential projects get a serious consultation, so click here to email me if you need me.